Please note  All athletic arenas are totally non smoking areas and would appreciate that this rule is adhered to. We have had complaints from staff that people are smoking in some of the facilities and would like this to stop forthwith.


North Section please note there is a change to the program for meeting 2 (4th June

All Male & Female Pole Vault will start at 12.00 and U.17 Men & Sen Men Javelin will start at 16.00           For any further info please contact Steve Murdoch


1.    It has been brought to our attention that "people" are persistently entering the center of the field arena especially when there are events ongoing. This has to stop now. The insurance & permit does not cover anyone other than officials and athletes that are competing at the time allowed to be in the middle. The practice of Coaches & Parents going into the arena while there are events on the go must stop.

2.    With the exception of Guide Dogs, dogs are not allowed in the actual competition venue especially Perth as it is a school facility.

3.    The finish area in front of the stands. The timekeepers would appreciate that you do not congregate in front of the timekeepers as they are trying to time athletes as they cross the line and as often as not their vision is hampered by this 

4.    Finally when an athlete crosses the finish line in their race we ask them not to go back over the finish line until all athletes have finished their race again this can 'block' the timekeepers view and when multiple athletes cross it doesn't help someone recrossing the line.  


The  league fees for the 2017 season are now due.

Pleases send a cheque for £200.00 made out to RAM Athletics League to the league treasurer at,          54 Kinghorne St., Arbroath, Angus DD11 2LZ.

Anne Webber

This years program, 2017 abridged version is now available in the 'downloads' page.

This year the  clubs are being supplied with a new numbering system as agreed at the 2016 AGM.                 All clubs will  be given a range of numbers which will be issued to each athlete for that season. They can compete as a counter or non-counter using the same number but it has to stay with that athlete for the Meeting if not the whole season

We do repeat that these numbers have to last the season so we ask you to advise your athletes accordingly

Finally the points system is reverting back 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. both A & B string races

There are new declaration sheets (North only) for all meetings in the downloads save them as your club name then send them back to your division secretary by Thursday evening at the latest before each match.

The East section are using a different  declaration sheets due to the setup that is being used. You will be advised shortly.


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