Due to Perth already being booked we've have had to swap venues 
Aberdeen/ASV is now      Sat 2/5/20     --Hosts Ellon/Peterhead 
Perth/GDA is now         Sun 14/6/20     --Hosts Perth & Fife
Dundee/Caird Park still Sun   5/7/20     --Hosts Dundee HH
All Inverness
Sat    2/5/20  --Hosts Nairn
Sun 14/6/20  --Hosts Ross Cty & E Sutherland
Sun   5/7/20  --Hosts Moray & Elgin
Inverness Sun 30/8/20 --Hosts Inverness
Venues have all been booked Permits to be applied for.


At this years AGM I took over as the new League Secretary. I would appreciate if all the clubs could take the time and to send me 1 main & 1 secondary club contact email address so that I can contact you if required. My reasons for this this are quite simple. If I do not have a contact address then we have no come back as to you or me not being notified of any updates or amendments as they come up. I do know most of you read the web site but sometimes  you may forget so if I have a contact address then chances are I will get a message to you hopefully in time. 

Thanks in anticipation

I will be publishing the dates and venues as soon as I get the venues booked & confirmed. 

Annual Subs 2020

The fees fro the RAM athletic league are due. As per AGM it was decided not to increase the subs as proposed last year but to remain as 2019 in the meantime.
Please make cheques for £275.00 made payable to RAM athletic League and sent to:                                  Anne Webber 54,Kinghorne Street Arbroath Angus DD11 2LZ.
Please pass this to your treasurer. 

The Power of 10


All results are sent to the 'Power of 10' as soon as they have been verified. If any athletes say that performances have not linked to their profiles for whatever reason, including spelling mistakes in their names/club, please direct them to the above link & ask them to follow the instructions at the top of the page.


Please note  All athletic arenas are totally non smoking areas and would appreciate that this rule is adhered to. We have had complaints from staff that people are smoking in some of the facilities and would like this to stop forthwith.


1.    It has been brought to our attention that "people" are persistently entering the center of the field arena especially when there are events ongoing. This has to stop now. The insurance & permit does not cover anyone other than officials and athletes that are competing at the time allowed to be in the middle. The practice of Coaches & Parents going into the arena while there are events on the go must stop.

2.    With the exception of Guide Dogs, dogs are not allowed in the actual competition venue especially Perth as it is a school facility.

3.    The finish area in front of the stands. The timekeepers would appreciate that you do not congregate in front of the timekeepers as they are trying to time athletes as they cross the line and as often as not their vision is hampered by this 

4.    Finally when an athlete crosses the finish line in their race we ask them not to go back over the finish line until all athletes have finished their race again this can 'block' the timekeepers view and when multiple athletes cross it doesn't help someone recrossing the line.  


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